Custom balls

Personalized balls (promotional balls, marketing balls, promo balls, custom balls, or logo balls) are a great way to promote a business or sports club, to start a marketing campaign, or as a gift to clients.

Sports clubs and fan clubs use personalized balls with the logo of a sports team, to promote that sports team or entity

Photo balls: We can now offer balls made with your own high high-quality photos printed onto the ball - in the same quality as our other FIFA-level custom balls

We make customised balls of any type - footballs, basketballs, volley balls, handbals, retro balls, keyring balls, american footballs, rugby balls, etc. We can make the balls with any logo, text, and color. We offer several qualities (for example, FIFA) and sizes (eg for kids and adults, etc) for your specific needs.

We also make speciality/special balls - Balls made of special sizes or from special materials (for example extremely large balls for parades, small balls for keyrings, etc). Contact us with your needs, and we'll give you some good options for any project.

How it works:

Your logo is placed onto the ball when the ball is under production. We do not use "graphic print stickers" or other cheap solutions.

We offer balls which is the same quality as that which is used in national and international championships.

Custom balls of high quality are manually sewn, made from 4 layers, and meet FIFA norms and standards.

Production process of custom balls with your logo
Icon of pencil signifying design


The design of the ball is included in the price. We take care of your design, and incorporate your logo onto the ball, according to your preferences.

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The delivery (shipping) for customized balls is free anywhere in Europe, and the delivery time is approximately 3 weeks (the balls are only put into production once we receive an order). We ship worldwide.

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The price depends on many factors (materials, size, no. of colors, etc), and because of this, we ask that you contact us (through email or phone) so we can give you an unconditional offer.

Icon of balls signifying minimum order number of balls

Minimum order

For custom balls, there is a minimum order quantity, depending on the type/size of ball. We offer discounts for large orders. Contact us for details

Examples of promo balls and fan club balls

Examples of promotional balls
Examples of fan club soccer team balls
Examples of personalized balls
Examples of custom made keyrings

Snook Balls

We make Pool Billiard Footballs (also known as SnookBalls, Snook Footballs, Snook Soccerballs, or Snooker Balls)

Billiard Football (SnookBall) is a hybrid game, combining regular billiard with football. The balls are in a set of 16 pieces. Like in regular pool billiard, each ball is numbered and has a different color. The balls are divided into full color and half colors.

We offer the standard SnookBall (pool football) set of 16 balls, and we can also add your logo and information to the balls ("customized snook balls" or "custom made billiard footballs")

We can also offer different types of pool football fields, ranging from small portable or indoor options, to larger designs for outdoor use.

Number of balls in one set: 16 (standard set)

Ball Material Options: PU, Synthetic, Leather or PVC

Ball Size Options: 3, 4, or 5

SnookBall Games rules: Standard Pool/Billiard Rules

Field Type Options: Wooden Structure ( model 01 )
Metal/Steel ( model 02 )
Plastic, Synthetic or Inflatable material ( models 03-06 )

Field Size Options: Several options & Custom made possible

Ball Colors in one standard set: Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Light blue, Dark blue, Purple/Brown (Full and half colored). White, Black (Full color)
By custom order: Any color/logo/text is possible

Standard: We offer balls meeting FIFA standards for football matches


Snook Ball Example 1

Pool Billiard Football

Snook Ball Example 2

Logo Snook Balls

Snook Ball Example 3

Customized Pool Billiard Balls

Snook Ball Example 4


Our match balls meet international stanadards for quality, so they can be used for matches which are certified by FIFA/FIBA/IHF/etc.

Our speciality is retro balls, leather balls, special balls, and balls for rare sports. We gladly produce balls and other sports equipment of irregular dimnesions and weights - contact us with your needs, and we'll let you know what we have in stock, and what we can make through a custom order.

For prices and to place an order, please contact us through email or phone. We offer discounts for large orders!

Basketball ball


For indoor and outdoor. Can be used for championships

Model: Star

Material: Microfiber synthetic leather

Size: 7-6

Standard: Respects FIBA norms

Football ball (soccer ball)


Ball for game (matches) and practice

Model: Club

Material: Leather PU, syntehtic, resistant, 4 layers

Size: 5

Seams: Hand-sewn (manually sewn)

Handball ball


Top ball for league matches

Model: Match

Material: Synthetic PU leather

Size: 3 – 2

Standard: Meets international IHF standards/norms

Volleyball ball


Quality ball for volley matches (indoor / hall)

Model: Official

Material: Synthetic PU leather

Standard: Respects international norms

Retro old school style cow leather football soccer ball

Retro football

"Old school" football from natural leather

Model: Retro football

Material: Natural cow leather

Size: 5

Yellow beach volley ball

Beach volleyball

For indoor and outdoor, on sand

Model: Rio

Material: Synthetic leather with texture

Standard: Respects international norms

Blue handball ball

Handball blue

Model: Training

Material: Synthetic PU leather

Size: 3 – 2

Standard: Respects international norms

American football ball

American football

Model: American Football

Material: Synthetic

Chamber: Butyl

Colors: Multicolor


All of our accessories can be customized (custom made) with your own logo, and with any color or text. We'll take care of the design and the incorporation of the logo onto the accessory, according to your preferences

Delivery: For an item which is not customized, and which is in our local stock, the delivery time is approximately 2-3 business days. For a custom made item, delivery time varies for each item - please contact us to find out more details.

Accessories Sport

Small pump for balls
Small pump
Large pump for balls
Large pump
Sack for balls, Bag for balls
Sack for balls (large bag for balls)
Small bag for balls
Bag for balls
Automatic air compressor for balls
Automatic air compressor


Customized sportswear
Customized sports clothes
Custom sportswear
Custom sports clothing

Keyrings & More

Keyring ball
Keyring with ball
Keyring ball
Keyring with ball
Keyring with ball
Keyring with ball
Keyring with bat
Keyring with bat
Custom bags
Custom bags

Contact us through e-mail or phone to place an order

About Us

Our balls and sports accessories are made by our company, OmegaSport, with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and offices in Spain, Germany, Italy, France and Romania. We distribute our products to countries all over the world.

Our company specializes in the production of footballs (soccer balls) which meet FIFA norms, using high quality materials, chosen with great attention to detail, and using modern technology.

The balls with our own brand, Omega, are sewn manually, and are subject to a very rigorous quality control, so that the final product meets the quality requirements of a choosy customer.

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For more than 20 years, we produce balls and sports accessories of high quality. You can trust our experience of offering the best products, at the best price on the market



The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority. Our aim is to always be there for our clients, so we try to respond to any email within 24 hours

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Optimized costs

We always try to understand the specific needs and wants of each client, so that we can make an offer which is perfect for your situation



We work together with our clients to create something new and interesting. We always strive to adapt to our clients needs, and we want to be the leader in speciality sports items


"Excellent customer service. Always got a rapid response. Very satisfied. Thank you."

- Mark, Email

"We made an order of 100 balls to use as a marketing campaign. The design was excellent, and everything was according to the terms which were specified."

- Georgy, Email

"Thanks thanks thanks!! Great ball, so far it has resisted several harsh basketball games in the rain and on concrete"

- Daniella, Facebook Post

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